Want To Install A Panic Bar? Here’s What You Should Consider First

Panic bars are useful additions for upgrading your security system. It allows one to emergency-exitbypass door locks, providing an immediate exit in case of an emergency.

Emergency situations, such as fire outbreaks, can result in panic. This can further increase the chances of fatal accidents. However, an exit door with a panic bar allows for a quick exit.

Knowing where this exit is located and the easiness of reaching the door will let people easily evade this situation. They won’t have to come up with ways to unlock the door, especially if there is fear of fire spreading in that area.

What is a panic bar?

Generally speaking, a panic bar is a device usually installed at an emergency exit. Other exit gates may also be equipped with a panic bar.

It provides two major benefits:

  • Allows people to exit the room or building in case of an emergency
  • Prevents unauthorized individuals to access the premise.

Things to consider when purchasing a panic bar

  1. Determine the type of panic bar by looking through different options and finding one which meets your needs. These devices come in many sizes and finishes.
  2. Panic bars can be either manual or electric. A manual system is press-type bar. Different varieties of manual bars can be used for single and double door systems. Electric bars, however, are designed to provide access control. The door lock is released upon activation of a micro switch. The door is then pushed to open.
  3. Panic bars can be fire-rated or non-fire rated. A fire-rated exit doesn’t remain open after unlocking. Instead, it shuts back after use each time. A non-fire rated device can be kept in an unlocked position by manipulation.
  4. Panic bars can be installed with an existing security system such as a fire alarm. You can either allow it to activate in case of a fire, or activate the fire alarm as soon as the door is pushed open.
  5. Panic bars should be able to operate in case of a power or alarm system failure. You don’t want your emergency exit to not be in a working condition in an emergency situation.

Panic bars allow an added security feature for your facility. If you’re ready to get one installed at your facility’s exit doors, call Austin Doors. The commercial door company provides door installation services for panic hardware, including a variety of panic bars.



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