Know the Difference: Types of Commercial Doors

Know the Difference: Types of Commercial Doors

Choosing the right type of commercial door for your organization can be painstakingly difficult. You want to maximize the quality of security so that not only your workers, but your clients feel safe as well. With fewer chances of break-ins and stocks becoming less prone to spoilage, the right commercial door can become the key to your success. A few questions to ask yourself are: what is the purpose of installing commercial doors? Is it for loading dock or unloading stock? The purpose of your requirement holds the answer to these questions.

However, it becomes problematic when deciding on purchasing a commercial door. This is because there are so many to choose from! How then, does one know for sure, which one is the right one for your organization? That is a tough nut to crack but not an impossible one!

This is the ultimate guide for choosing the correct type commercial door. Let’s get started:

  1. Roll Up Doors: As their name suggests, they roll up and coil into themselves. Their slats are thin in order to allow as much flexibility as possible. They can roll up and down with no effort. They’re space-efficient. This means they take up less space and are the ideal solution for small shops, or rooms that provide little accommodation.
  2. Overheard Doors: These are commercial garage doors that are immensely popular.They are named overhead doors because they require support from a rail or track to be lifted up, until they are horizontal with the ceiling. They are usually operated manually but a remote unit can be used to operate them as well. They come in either wood, aluminum or glass and have long slats, supported by hinges, which make them flexible.
  3. Scissor Gates: these are unique and different from all other commercial doors. They open from either left or right, mimicking a sliding door. Their locks are like normal residential doors. You may have seen one in apartments or commercial buildings. This is because they’re made from high quality steel, to provide you with the upmost protection.
  4. Fire rated Doors: Also known as fire doors, they are similar to roll up doors. They are motorized either manually or through remote equipment. Since they are made from durable and thicker steel than roll up doors, they provide better protection. They have auto-closing features in case a fire erupts. They are commonly used in warehouses, parking garages, mills, distribution centers.

If you’re looking for security doors for your business, contact us today or call 760-599-2611.




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