Improve Loading Dock Safety With These Simple Tips

Improve Loading Dock Safety With These Simple Tips

You don’t need to lose valuable production time merely due to inefficient loading dock practices. Similarly, you cannot skimp out on speed here. The way your loading dock is operated plays a key role in determining your facility’s performance and setting future production goals.

The following loading dock safety tips will help you make sure that your products keep moving efficiently and your loading dock stays safe:

Keep The Dock Maintained

The pit and structure must be maintained in good shape at all times. Remember, that a poorly maintained dock could give up any time, putting your employees as well as your production at serious risks.

Sections that have chunks of concrete missing will not provide a stable surface the lifts need to balance the load. If you use a mechanical lift, it should always be maintained according to manufacturer specifications.

Inspect The Door

The loading dock door should be firmly installed in place. Loading dock doors that aren’t inspected over longer periods may fall suddenly, leading to extreme injuries. All overhead obstacles should be clearly pointed out. Any dangling pipes of cables also present a hazard over loading dock areas.

loading-docksDo Strong Lighting

Bright lighting both on the inside and outside of the loading dock area will cut down chances of accidents.

Truck drivers need clear rear visibility to see where they are backing up. Similarly, lift operators should be able to see the loading door and surrounding area clearly. Proper lighting will brighten up the area near the edge of the loading dock.

Keep Everyone Out Of The Way When Loading/Unloading

Only the driver and a helping spotter should be near the load when it is being moved on or off the truck. Any observers could create distractions for the spotter and the driver, putting both at the risk of injuries. When additional people are trying to help, the chances of injuries multiply tenfold.

Lift Operators Must Be Certified

Operating a forklift requires ample training and certification. This piece of equipment is not designed to race through the warehouse.

In fact, untrained operators often cause injuries to themselves and others around them. Accidents may also occur if untrained operators reverse into shelves.

Your best bet at avoiding all these loading dock safety issues? Choose a commercial door installation and repair company that has years of experience with loading dock doors.

Austin Doors is one of the leading commercial door companies serving the San Diego Country for years. Get in touch with the company today.



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