How To Protect Your Building In Times Of Heavy Rain Storms

How To Protect Your Building In Times Of Heavy Rain Storms

Your building is susceptible to storm damage. Water can infiltrate the building if the necessary precautions are not taken in time.

These upgrades will not only help protect your building but will reduce your insurance premiums.

Impact Glass

Impact glass is also known as hurricane windows or laminated glass. This is because the glass consists of two panes held together with a plastic interlayer. A third pane is also added to it on the interior side in a way that it allows insulation. The laminated layer on the outside is extremely durable so that it resists any effects of harsh weather conditions.

Once hit, the glass breaks and forms a web-like pattern but still holds the pieces of the glass together. This way, even if it breaks, the pieces cannot cause injuries. For some disaster-prone areas, this glass is essential.  However, weather can be unpredictable; this is thus a good way to protect your building from heavy rain and storms. Using this kind of glass for both your doors and windows will help protect the building.

Storm Windows & Shutters

A more affordable alternative for those who do not want to invest money in impact glass, are shutters. These can be installed for a few months at a time.

They are installed on the exterior of doors and windows to add an extra layer of protection against storms. These can be kept all year round or taken off once the weather conditions are better. They can also serve the purpose of a decorative addition. It is easier and convenient to use shutters, and they also look aesthetically pleasing.

They prevent the glass in your windows and doors from shattering from the impact of weather. The added advantage of these shutters is the improved insulation which contributes to reducing energy costs.

Pay close attention to the door frame. You might want to check if it is strong enough to resist the impact of a storm. If you are not sure, call in a professional for guidance.

Garage Doors Are A Target

Since garage doors might not be as strong and cover a larger area, they are more prone to being affected by strong winds during a storm. You need to check if it can survive a storm, and if it has been securely mounted. If it is not sturdy enough, you need to get it replaced before your building suffers the damage.

Impact resistant models are also available which are made of steel. Be sure to follow the local building codes for wind resistant when taking these precautions.

Austin Doors can help provide all these services at competitive prices. They provide both commercial door installation and professional repair services. Take all these precautions and protect your business from the added costs of damage.


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